Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monthly Wrap Up - May 2017

I've been wallowing in my comfort. Borrowed from the future, and subsidised by distant others.


Let's start off with a negative. I've put on some weight this month, and my body and mind feels sluggish as a result. Nothing too major, and nothing that can't be adjusted for. I would put this down to stresses brought on by workload and other events. A nice excuse, as always. On the plus side, I've been walking nearly every day of distances up to 25km - including to work and back a few times.

It's been another month of progress. The first week of May was spent doing the $2 per day Live Below the Line challenge, which was an interesting and eye-opening experience.

I've minimised glass use, removed tins and cans completely, and reduced plastics as well. Towards the end of May, I also started experimenting with making my own mouth wash and dish washing detergent. I am still trialling different combinations, but it's a start - and the results are promising enough to continue. I will report back on this next month.

I've also been gravitating towards sage again, which feels good. Cleansing. 


Below is my trash for the month. This includes only garbage that is leaving my house in some way, whether as a recyclable component or waste. I didn't include some Hungry Jacks and a coffee cup lid.

As always, the top row, from left to right, is glass, tins, paper. The bottom row, from left to right, is hard plastic, soft plastic, and miscellaneous.

Lots of soft plastics still! However, massive reductions in tins and glass, which is a plus.

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